In the spirit of honesty and fairness to readers of vampire romance genre I am posting all of the text reviews I've discovered about my writing, both good and bad. It's unfortnate, but reality that we can't please everyone .  Fortunately, most reviews are good ones.!
                                   The following are reviews for A VAMPIRE'S LOVE

5 out of 5 stars
not a book to only read once
February 8, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

Simply awesome. This was a book that had me curious and excited to continue reading. I love books that surprise me, and this one did just that. When I started reading it I must say I was sure I knew what was going to happen but some how I had it wrong, and I loved that. This was a sexy as heck book. I devour all books about vampires. This is now a book that I added to my must reread again, and soon.

5 stars
Oct 29, 2017 A.D. Herrick rated it
it was amazing

What a completely compelling story! I loved all of the mystical elements brought into the story. This is not your typical romance love story, it's even better! There's action, excitement, drama, intrigue, and of course, a smoldering hot vampier love interest!!

5 stars
Genice Cassidy rated it
it was amazing

I love love loved this book. This is a paranormal romance. Genice doesnt believe in anything supernatural where her best friend Cassidy believes in everything and is afraid of everything so when Cassidy signs them up for a paranormal investigation of an old mansion on Halloween night, Genice is excited. Cassidy is scared though and only signed up so she can see the mansion. A few nights before the team going to the mansion meet up and Genice meets Anton, he owns the mansion and is immediately in love. Hes an old vampire and he knows he just found his forever mate. The only problem is a thinning veil, an ex vampire whos basically obsessed with Anton, a brother who hates him and wants revenge who also happens to be a ghost and a member of Antons staff whos been in love with him since he saved her who will do anything to be rid of Genice. This book had everything i wanted in a paranormal romance, insta love from an alpha vampire trying to protect his mate, drama, some mystery and lots of paranormal activity. You dont want to miss this book

5.0 out of 5 stars
What an incredible paranormal romance! I hope there are more to this book!
By Dana Busenbarkon October 15, 2017

Who are Genice and Cassidy? How do they know one another? What is it that Genice is working on and what options does she have to choose from on things that go bump in the night? What is Genice's family like? What about Cassidy? Who is Anton? What is it about him that catches Genice's eye? What does Cassidy think about him and what does she say? Who does Anton go to see in order to confirm what he thinks about Genice? During the night of the investigation at Anton's house, what happens between Anton and Genice? Who are Morine, Oscar, and Sarah? What happens to Cassidy after she and Genice leave Anton's house during the investigation? Why do I get a very bad feeling about Oscar and Morine? What trouble do they bring to Anton and Genice? You really need to read this book and find out. The way this book ends after reading it, makes me wonder if there is more coming!

4.0 out of 5 stars
Quick read with a great writing style.
By Boundless Book Reviews on October 15, 2017

I will read anything paranormal and love it. This is the first book Iíve read by Ellen Sheehan and I loved it. She has a nice writing style and tells the story well. This was definitely a quick read; great for a plane trip or beach day. I love the characters and canít wait to read more about them; Iíve already downloaded books 2 & 3.

This is an easy 4 Boundless star book. The only reason is that I guessed the ďCassidy thingĒ very early on. I knew to expect it. I like to be surprised and wasnít about that. The very last part was a great surprise though.

5 out of 5 stars
ByKindle Customeron October 29, 2017
Verified Purchase

What a completely compelling story! I loved all of the mystical elements brought into the story. This is not your typical romance love story, it's even better! There's action, excitement, drama, intrigue, and of course, a smoldering hot vampier love interest!!

3.0 out of 5 stars
They are always great for a quick
ByLuna Lovebookson December 7, 2017

I have read several of Ms. Sheehan's novels. They are always great for a quick, steamy read. The characters are well written with the exception of one. Genice is a skeptic; she doesn't believe in the supernatural, but she accepts that her new boyfriend is a vampire from another dimension and takes it all pretty well. This is a little unbelievable to me. I feel that if she has been a die-hard non-believer all her life, she would have a little trouble adjusting to the news.

It is interesting that vampires are from another dimension. I like that this novella adds to the vampire lore/mystery rather than going off old tropes. I look forward to hearing more about the vampire council and more about the other vampire characters in upcoming novels.

There is lots of action and paranormal activity in this novel. Throw in some steamy sex scenes and you have yourself a novel to read while relaxing with a glass of wine. But beware there is are a couple of rape scenes that may disturb that peace.

I always look forward to these quick reads and enjoy them. I have to give this novella 3 fangs for good writing and well-written characters (for the most part)
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