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5 Stars
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by MandaRich1983

This book is a New Adult book but I think it is good for younger readers too. It's a great paranormal mystery thriller with a little bit of romance in it. This is book one of a two but it could easily end there and be a stand alone. I like the fact that the author didn't end the book with a cliff hanger that drives you crazy while you wait for the next book to be published. I found it to be a fast and enjoyable read.

5 stars
Loved it!, 11 Mar. 2016
By Amazon Customer  ( UK)
This review is from: Dark Escape: Volume 1 (Paperback)

*I was sent an ebook copy from the author in trade for an honest review*
Thank you Eileen for sending me a copy!

The plot was very interesting and quite different to previous things I've read. There were some surprises along the way but there was also some guessable turns, however it was still a lot of fun.
I felt that there was a good storyline underneath everything and it turned out really well in the end because everything else (characters, pace, writing style, etc) worked well together creating a great story.
Eileen told me that this is actually only half of the original first book. The publisher/editor thought that the story would be better as two books instead of one. After reading this first part, I'm just hoping that the great storyline can continue in part two. We'll have to see!

If you remember when I reviewed The Vampire, The Handler and Me (also by Eileen), the characters was one of the problems I had with the story. I remember that I really disliked the main character and she seemed to make stupid mistakes and overall I just didn't connect to her whatsoever.

Well, I'm really happy to say that I didn't have these problems this time whatsoever. I really loved all of the characters and each one had something special about them. There were a few characters that I wished there'd been more about, mainly Maggie as I found her really interesting and wanted to know more about her and there felt like there was something that was kept secret about the friendship between her and Tara but I may be wrong. I'm hoping maybe there'll be something that unravels in part two.

Tara was the main character of this story and she was so different to Lizzy from The Vampire, The Handler and Me and it was soo great. The main problem that I had with Lizzy was that she made quite stupid decisions. However, with Tara there was actually good reason behind her decisions especially the one at the end with her horse and what Maggie was asking her to do. I have a similar relationship with my puppy to what Tara had with her horse, Sugar (I think she was called. I cant remember, sorry!) and I totally understood why she couldn't do what Maggie wanted her to do. I connected with her and ended up really loving her character.
Overall, I really loved the characters but just wish that maybe there was some more depth to some of them but maybe that'll come in part two!

Writing Style
One of the things that I actually enjoyed about The Vampire, The Handler and Me was the writing style and I was glad to see that that hadn't changed in this novel.
It was the same calm writing but when it came to exciting/action parts, Eileen was able to deliver the perfect amount of tension and carry out the scenes very well. This showed just how much of a great writer she was and created contrast within the story.

Another problem that I had with The Vampire, The Handler and Me was the pacing. Eileen told me afterwards that the pacing wouldn't be any different in Dark Escape as it was already really far into the editing process and the main writing part was already done. However, the pace was near perfect this time despite that so I have no idea what happened with that but it was soo much better.
Don't get me wrong, there was still one or two slow parts here and there but nothing major. Overall, the pace was very near perfect and it really helped the story along and added to my enjoyment.

As you can see, I enjoyed this novel much better than the previous one I read and therefore I will be giving a higher rating. When I first finished Dark Escape, I really didn't know what to rate it. I knew that the rating would be nearer to 5/5 but didn't what the exact rating I wanted to give was.
Writing this review helped me to gather my thoughts on this book and I think I've finally worked out a suitable rating.

3.0 out of 5 stars Amazon Review
Fickle Fiona saysÖ What I liked: My favorite character by far is Maggie, May 5, 2016
By Lacie

What I liked: My favorite character by far is Maggie. She is a feisty Irish woman who opens Taraís eyes to other realms and begins to train her. I was saddened by her untimely demise. Even though she is not very prominent in the story, I also like the bond between Tara and her mare Sugar. The plot is interesting and there are a few surprises along the way. It is a good little read.

What I didnít like: At times I was confused. Tara often acts older than her age. Even though the description calls her 19, in the story she is referred to as 18; but, many of the characters treat her like she is younger than 18. We are introduced to Mitchell Woodbourne, a controlling ex-boyfriend; but, he kind of fades away. I think he is there to make readers note the similarities between him and Dominic and why Tara would be falling for someone like that again; but, it gets lost somewhere along the way. There are a few points where I can guess what will happen next, but it really didnít take away from the story. There were also a few instances of the wrong word being used.

Overall I liked this story and canít wait to read the second half. Iíd give it three stars.
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